Trevor Noah Hits Fox News Hosts Over The Suspicious Timings Of Their Vacations

“The Daily Show” host Trevor Noah on Tuesday night poked fun at Fox News hosts’ habit of taking surprise vacations amid controversy.

“Okay. Now that timing seems suspicious, but who knows,” said Noah. “Maybe lots of people leave for fishing vacations on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. You never know when the fish are going to start biting. You never know.” A spokesperson for Fox News claimed Carlson’s trip was pre-planned.

Noah noted how Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity and Jesse Watters have also all previously gone on vacation after making controversial comments.

Bill O’Reilly’s vacation, Noah said, was “the greatest of all time” because he never came back amid a sexual harassment scandal.

“Honestly, these emergency vacations are such a staple for Fox News I wouldn’t be surprised if they had their own travel agency,” said Noah, before running a spoof “Fox Vacations” ad — with the tagline “Relax. This will all blow over.”

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