This Could Be The Worst Ceremonial First Pitch Ever

Now that was a wild pitch.

A Chicago White Sox employee was invited to throw out the ceremonial first ball before the team’s home game against Kansas City on Monday, and she made it memorable.

Not only did the pitch come nowhere near home plate, it hit a photographer.

Here’s a longer look: 

The Chicago Tribune reported that the team would not divulge the name of the staffer. But she’s in famous company for horrible ceremonial hurling. Actor Bruce Willis recently got booed for his toss, and of course rapper 50 Cent made a historically hideous throw five years ago.

Darren Georgia, the photographer who got struck on Tuesday, probably won’t forget this one.

“I honestly didn’t even see it coming,” Georgia told NBC Sports Chicago. “I took the photo and it just hit the camera. It didn’t hit my head. The camera is OK. I’m OK. I’m just shocked.”

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