The Stunning Street Art Murals Combating Graffiti In Jersey City

Jersey City’s colorful street art scene continues to evolve with the painting of two new towering murals this summer.

Artists from around the world have painted more than 130 pieces since 2013.

They range in size from Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra’s 180-foot-high depiction of the late British music icon David Bowie to smaller pieces on traffic boxes aimed at raising awareness about sustainability.

Brazilian artist Eduardo Kobra’s depiction of the late British music icon David Bowie in Jersey City, New Jersey.

The latest enormous additions to the city’s anti-graffiti Jersey City Mural Arts Program came this summer courtesy of Germany-based artists MadC and 1010.

Check out MadC’s new piece here:

MadC's new mural in Jersey City.

MadC’s new mural in Jersey City.

The program has faced controversy in the six years since its inception, but authorities credit it with reducing vandalism as people arrested for graffiti are assigned to work with it for community service.

“We have had a total of eight individuals assigned who remove graffiti and apprentice with our professional artists,” a spokesperson for the City of Jersey City told HuffPost. “Many of them have gone on to create paid murals with our program.”

Check out the program’s interactive map of the murals here:

And more of the city’s street art below: