The Best Gear for Car Camping

As great as backpacking in the wilderness can be, far from cell towers and civilization, it can’t beat the sweet simplicity of car camping. Just toss your gear (and children, if you have any) in the back of the car, roll down the windows and aim for the nearest state park. And if you bring the following items, you can combine a taste of the wild with almost all the comforts of home — coffee included.

This cozy double sleeping bag — which has a sleeping-pad sleeve for extra comfort — might help convince a less outdoorsy partner to try camping a little more often.

This is the Ford F-150 of camping chairs: big, tough, and widely beloved. It even comes with an insulated pouch that’ll keep four cans of whatever cool.

Built for camping, this coffee maker has no glass to break, and its 4- or 6-cup carafe will keep the coffee warm until everyone gets up.

This cooler keeps ice frozen for a week, fits in most cars’ trucks, and can double as a spare seat — it can support up to 250 pounds.

Don’t put your faith in citronella candles — instead, bring this rugged device, which can keep a bedroom-sized outdoors area mosquito-free for four hours.

Even if you are not bringing your laptop, pack a portable laptop charger — this one is small but sturdy and reliable — to power your USB-A and USB-C devices.

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