Shakira’s Super Bowl Outfit Looks Almost Exactly Like Her ‘Zootopia’ Character’s

Hey, the side-by-side photos don’t lie.

Sunday night, as Jennifer Lopez and Shakira delivered a killer halftime show at the 2020 Super Bowl, people on Twitter couldn’t help but notice that the “She Wolf” singer’s outfit looked very familiar.

Shakira performs during the Super Bowl LIV on Sunday.

Like… Gazelle-from-“Zootopia” familiar.

In fact, Shakira voiced the character in the 2016 Disney film, and people were delighted when she wore a very similar red, two-piece outfit during her performance on Sunday. It’s not clear whether it was a deliberate reference to the movie, but the similarity is striking.

Shakira actually told the Spanish newspaper El País in 2016 that Gazelle’s outfit in “Zootopia” was very similar to her style.

“A lot of the details [of Gazelle’s design] are mine: the eye color, the eyelashes, the hair. Even the clothes. That skirt is very me,” she said at the time.

But the pop star, who is of Colombian and Lebanese heritage, also pointed out to the paper that one detail of Gazelle’s original design didn’t seem to reflect her personal look.

“I felt she needed more hips,” she said. “And I asked them for more and they did it!”

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