Security gadgets ‘making people more vulnerable’ from hackers

Hacking experts have warned many gadgets intended to keep people safe are putting them at risk of being spied on.

A Bedfordshire family allowed their devices to be infiltrated by Buckinghamshire cyber security expert Ken Munro to demonstrate just how easily their privacy could be compromised.

Brian Green, 68, bought a tracker designed for older people, but the team was able to listen to his private conversations.

Mr Green said: “The last thing I would have thought of is how vulnerable it makes people, when you actually are buying it to make people less vulnerable.”

In another case, the family’s “pet cam” was hacked, enabling Mr Munro and his team to spy on them at home.

Mr Munro said: “Two of the cameras we looked at, the plastic moulds are identical, yet one’s fairly secure and one’s really not very secure at all. How are you supposed to know?”

You can watch the full story on Inside Out, on BBC One in the East at 19:30, or catch up on iPlayer.

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