Robert Pattinson Has A Raunchy Career Plan If ‘Batman’ Stinks

The actor, who stars in the title role of the upcoming movie “The Batman,” was asked in a Guardian interview posted Sunday what he would do if the film doesn’t fly.

“Porn,” he answered with a giggle. “But art house porn.”

Some might say he’s already been going in that direction. The “Twilight” star has performed masturbation scenes in a handful of his movies, including this year’s Cannes Film Festival hit “The Lighthouse.”

No doubt Pattinson could bring the same intensity to avant-garde skin flicks, but he’s got a somewhat family friendly superhero to portray first. “The Batman” rehearsals have started, and he’s already tired of talking about the project, which is due out in 2021.

“I’m already remembering what it’s like to talk about a movie where there’s an expectation,” he told the Guardian. “Whenever you say anything, people are like, ‘Argh! You idiot!’ Like, dude, I haven’t even started yet!”

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