Rabid Bobcat Jumps On Golfer, Gets Beaten By Rest Of Foursome

A rabid bobcat pounced on a golfer at a Connecticut golf course on Thursday, sending him to the hospital with cuts, the state Department of Energy and Environmental Protection said in a statement. The animal eventually was killed.

Other members of the golfer’s foursome clubbed the bobcat during the attack at the Mohegan Sun casino course and mistakenly thought they had killed it, Sgt. Christopher Dwyer of the state agency told the Hartford Courant.

The bobcat got up and ran away despite the clubbing, and the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was called to track it. An officer followed paw prints to a culvert and shot the hissing animal, the Courant reported. 

The golfer, a man in his 60s, was treated for cuts on his back and legs at a Norwich hospital.

The bobcat later tested positive for rabies, Dwyer told the Courant.

The cat earlier in the day ambushed a horse, which received 14 stitches and is expected to recover. It also menaced the horse’s owner, who chased it away with a shovel, NBC Connecticut reported.

Bobcats normally are “shy and secretive,” and attacks on humans are “extremely rare,” the Energy and Environmental Protection statement said. The last known attack in the state occurred in 2014.