Pete Davidson Slams ‘Saturday Night Live’ Colleagues And It’s No Joke

Pete Davidson may have just made his colleagues Saturday night livid.

The “Saturday Night Live” trouper ripped his workmates in an interview posted to YouTube Monday (watch the video below), griping that they mock him and that he wanted last season to be his final one working on the show.

“I personally think I should be done with that show because they make fun of me on it,” he said.

Reminded by interviewer Charlamagne Tha God that it’s a comedy program, Davidson continued: “But I’m like cold open political punchlines. I’m Weekend Update jokes. … When I’m not there, they’ll be like ‘Pete’s a fucking jerkface.’ It’s like, whose side are you on? I have a weird feeling in that building where I don’t know whose team they’re playing for. If I’m the joke or I’m in on the joke. I really wanted last year to be my last year, but I’m still around.”

He wasn’t done. After praising “SNL” creator and executive producer Lorne Michaels for his support, Davidson again questioned his continued presence on the show.

“If I’m just fodder now, though, maybe I just shouldn’t be there,” he said. “They think I’m fucking dumb, like I’m literally painted out to be this big dumb idiot.”

He added that everybody outgrows “SNL.”

“I just feel like I’ve done as much as I can over there,” he continued, adding that he would continue as long as Michaels wants him to.

On the heels of the interview, a New York Post Page Six report, citing anonymous sources, said Davidson was coddled by Michaels and that the “cast isn’t into him.”

Fast forward below to the 29:00 mark for some of his negative comments about “SNL.”

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