On Politics: Trump Would Accept Russia’s Help

Twenty Democratic presidential candidates will take the debate stage later this month. Steve Bullock, Seth Moulton and Wayne Messam will be left out.

Those candidates didn’t make the cut, in part, because they failed to reach 1 percent in three qualifying polls. The exclusions illustrate the challenge of using polls at this early stage to make sense of the race, let alone to decide whom to include in a debate.

In a newly unearthed video from 2006, Mr. Biden reaffirmed his support for Roe v. Wade but said he did not view abortion as a “choice and a right.”

Julián Castro became the fifth Democratic candidate to do a Fox News town hall, and the topics included some of the network’s favorite catnip: immigration, abortion, the Steele dossier and Hillary Clinton. Here are the highlights.

The Trump administration’s accusation that Iran was behind the blasts that crippled two oil tankers now forces the president to confront a choice he has avoided: whether to make good on his threat that Tehran would “suffer greatly” if American interests were threatened.

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