On Politics: Trump and Kushner Raised Flags at Deutsche Bank

In an analysis, Peter Baker dubs this the “profanity presidency.” At rallies and in interviews, on Twitter and in formal speeches, Mr. Trump relishes the bad-boy language of a shock jock.

The Trump administration has warned Congress that the flow of unaccompanied migrant children at the southern border has increased and may require an additional $1.4 billion to provide housing and care.

At his kickoff rally in Pennsylvania this weekend, Joe Biden returned to the state of his birth to deliver a forceful call for national unity, looking past the primary to directly appeal to the voters who helped power Mr. Trump’s victory. (The Times fact-checked a number of claims Mr. Biden has made on the campaign trail.)

The Rose Garden has in recent months become Mr. Trump’s preferred venue for public events at the White House — a literal take on a time-tested re-election strategy.

“I think that Trump better be very careful.” In an interview, Harry Reid, the former Democratic leader of the Senate, reflects on the impeachment of Bill Clinton and the one that may be coming for President Trump.

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