On Politics: The Trade War Is Here to Stay

Good Friday morning. Here are some of the stories making news in Washington and politics today.


The United States, China and global markets are digging in for a prolonged trade war. The Trump administration unveiled on Thursday a $16 billion bailout for farmers hurt by retaliatory tariffs. More companies are saying they are redirecting supply chains away from China. And investors started coming to terms with the idea that the trade war is here to stay, with benchmark indexes across China, Germany, France and the United States dropping.

Mr. Trump and Speaker Nancy Pelosi traded accusations that the other was unfit for office, as the war of words between the two accelerated their fight surrounding impeachment and various investigations against the president.

Hope Hicks, the former communications director who left the White House, appears more than two dozen times in the special counsel Robert Mueller’s report. She is facing an existential question: whether to comply with a congressional subpoena in the coming weeks.

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