Olympian Lolo Jones Tries To Weightlift A Couch And It Doesn’t Go Well

Presumably stuck at home during the coronavirus pandemic, veteran Olympic hurdler Lolo Jones decided to weightlift a couch. “I’m not bored. I’m not bored. I’m not bored,” the American athlete joked in a tweet on Monday.

Jones’ makeshift training maneuver definitely wasn’t a winning effort. She seemed to easily raise the piece of furniture onto her head and shoulders. Sofa, so good. But as she tried to hoist it higher, the loveseat fell apart.

“I give up,” she said. 

Jones finished seventh in the 100 meter hurdles at the 2008 Beijing Olympics (she led until stumbling over the second-to-last hurdle) and fourth in 2012. She also represented the U.S. team as a bobsledder in the 2014 Winter Olympics.

Jones, 37, had called on the International Olympic Committee to postpone this summer’s Games in Tokyo, a delay that will defer her retirement. The IOC on Tuesday confirmed the Olympics would be delayed until next year.

If Jones were to qualify for the 2021 U.S. Olympic team, she would be at least 38 for the competition ― “older than any previous U.S. Olympic runner in an event shorter than 800m,” according to NBC Sports

May we suggest that she not use a couch in her training. 

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