Netflix’s ‘Styling Hollywood’ Follows A Black Power Couple Who Balance Fashion And Love

A new docuseries promises to give viewers an intimate, behind-the-scenes look at two talented Hollywood stylists who also happen to be a married couple. 

Netflix unveiled the first trailer for “Styling Hollywood,” starring Jason Bolden and Adair Curtis, on Thursday. The series follows celebrity stylist Bolden and Curtis, an interior designer, who run the Los Angeles-based lifestyle company, JSN Studio. The two men combine their talents to curate “Black girl magic” for Taraji P. Henson, Gabrielle Union and Ava DuVernay, among other stars. 

In addition to giving home makeovers and freshening up the wardrobes of A-listers, Bolden and Curtis balance marriage and navigate life’s ups and downs, according to a Netflix press release. 

“Styling Hollywood” got some advance praise from DuVernay, who tweeted about the series shortly after it was announced last month. 

Bolden, who was featured on The Hollywood Reporter’s “25 Most Powerful Stylists in Hollywood” list earlier this year, is hopeful viewers will pay attention to the show’s emphasis on diversity, too, given that it centers on “two Black men who love each other and their careers are doing really well.” 

“I personally know what it looks like for me because I live it,” he told Out magazine in January. “But I also look out sometimes and have to say, ‘I don’t see anything that mirrors myself and my husband.’”

The couple married in 2012, and though balancing their personal and professional commitments can be challenging, Curtis has said he “couldn’t imagine not working with” Bolden.  

“I like the fact that I know what his struggles are daily when it comes to career and work, and he knows what mine are,” he told Coveteur in 2017. “It’s easy to work together. The hard part is building a life outside of work.” 

Styling Hollywood” is set to debut on Netflix Aug. 30. 

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