Kris Jenner Plays A Naughty ‘Price Is Right’ With James Corden

The reality show mom and business manager played a mock game of “The Price Is Right” with James Corden on “The Late Late Show” Tuesday ― and charmed with a sassy sense of humor. (See the clip above.)

Jenner was playing for a prize of a lawn mower (well, not really), prompting Corden to ask: “Be honest, have you ever cut your own grass?”

“What do you mean by grass?” Jenner cracked, to much laughter.

She was later asked if winning a riding lawn mower would encourage her to mow the grass. Jenner eyed the hunky model on the mower and said: “With him?”

The snappy dialogue didn’t end there, although Corden got in the last joke.

As for Jenner’s pricing skills, watch above to see if she knows her Lucky Charms and Bruce’s Yams.

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