‘Knives Out’ Trailer: Chris Evans And Daniel Craig As You Haven’t Seen Them

Daniel Craig plays a detective with a Southern drawl. Chris Evans is a jerk who keeps telling his family to “eat shit.”

Tuesday’s release of the trailer for “Knives Out” proves that actors can shed their most identifiable roles ― even when they’re known for playing James Bond and Captain America.

Director Rian Johnson’s whodunit, which also stars Jamie Lee Curtis, Toni Collette and Don Johnson, sports fun Agatha Christie touches in a tale of a bestselling crime novelist (Christopher Plummer) found dead just after this 85th birthday. Of course, his family is a dysfunctional (and probably homicidal) mess as revealed in their tense gathering at a huge mansion following the murder.

Personally, we’d pay admission just to hear Craig utter in his below-the-Mason Dixon-Line accent, “You all love twisting the knife into one another.”

“Knives Out” is scheduled for a Nov. 27 release.

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