Jon Voight’s Cringeworthy Dance For Donald Trump Cannot Be Unseen

Music from Voight’s 1969 film “Midnight Cowboy” played in the East Room when the 80-year-old Oscar winner rose from his chair to provide an impromptu shuffle that earned a fist pump and a finger point from Trump.

“I love having you here, especially since you are someone I really like,” Trump said, per USA Today.

The Los Angeles Times called the dance a “cringeworthy interlude,” and some people on social media agreed wholeheartedly.

“A clown dancing for a clown,” one Twitter user wrote.

Singer Alison Krauss and novelist James Patterson were also among the honorees.

Here’s a deliverance of dance disses aimed at Oscar winner Voight, who perhaps thought he was coming home to the White House:

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