Jon Voight Says ‘Evil Is Trying To Win’ As Donald Trump Is Impeached

Actor Jon Voight spewed fire and brimstone as the House impeached President Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying “evil is trying to win.”

Voight, an Oscar winner and ardent supporter of the president, posted a video of his sentiments in one of the more extreme celebrity responses. (See the clip below.) He made several religious references and invoked Abraham Lincoln, declaring, “This not what God would want.”

“This left wing lacks truth, and are afraid of Trump’s truth to save this country,” said Voight, who recently received a National Medal of Arts from Trump at the White House.

The “Midnight Cowboy” and “Coming Home” star urged Americans to “stand with God, with President Trump … more now than ever, for the evil is trying to win. This is a battle for truths and the left are afraid of the true truths that President Trump has brought forth.”

Voight continued that “If the impeachment proceeds, America will fall, for President Trump has built it back and the extreme left are destroying this nation’s glory.  … This is evil intent to destroy a president who has America in his hands.”

Finally, he asked, “What do we do? We pray and hope that in God we trust.”

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