John Mulaney Looks Like A Snack And The Whole Internet Wants A Bite

A photo of comedian John Mulaney appeared on Instagram Thursday that is making me feel things.

Andy Samberg is in it, too. He looks good! That’s not what this story is about. This story is about how Mulaney and his bicep have collectively wreaked havoc on the internet as well as my cold heart.  

It’s not hard for me to decipher what it is exactly about this photo that has turned my thirst for Mulaney unquenchable. I already love him for his whip smart comedy, precise timing, very cool wife Anna and very cute dog Petunia. And I always find him handsome in his tailored suits and with his clean-shaven face.

But seeing him in this photo, in a T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves, hands in his pockets, biceps that say “I go to the gym, but only sometimes,” just a little bit of scruff and those glasses

Much like every other feeling I have had on the internet that I’ve thought was unique, this one was not. I quickly learned that I am not even close to the only person lusting over this black-and-white masterpiece. 

That’s why it shocked me so much to share my, uh, interest with co-workers only to find our inter-office communication apparatus descend into utter chaos immediately following. “Who is this man?” one co-worker asked. “Are straight men so disappointing and usually slovenly that the mere appearance of an average arm drives women crazy?” another, who I am no longer speaking to, wondered aloud.

Someone suggested that it’s Mulaney’s status as nonproblematic comedian that contributes to his hotness, which, sure, but not in this case. This arm, this whole look, is like biting into an unmarked piece of chocolate from the box and finding peanut butter inside. It’s a delightful surprise. It’s ― and he’s ― a bona fide snack.   

Mulaney did not immediately respond to a request for comment on this thirst trap, but he did later announce he will be hosting “Saturday Night Live” on Feb. 29. Hopefully in a T-shirt with rolled-up sleeves.

Basically the entire HuffPost newsroom contributed to this story. 

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