Home Alone: The original Kevin is thirsty for more

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The cast list for the upcoming remake of Home Alone might just have got a whole lot more interesting.

Kevin McCallister himself, Macaulay Culkin – who became a child star off the back of the 1990 original – says he want to talk to Disney about it.

It’s highly probable he’s just joking, of course.

But it might mollify fans who were outraged when Disney announced it would re-imagine the Christmas classic for its new streaming service.

Macauley, who’s now 38, played the main character Kevin who gets left behind as his family all go on holiday to France.

He took to Twitter to reveal what he thought Kevin would look like in 2019.

Alongside a unflattering photo of himself on the sofa eating take-out (a reference to the original), the actor captioned: “This is what an updated Home Alone would actually look like.”

He also tweeted Disney, asking for a chat.

There were more than a few people online saying a re-make of this classic is one step too far, and it would ruin the original.

But it seems some people would be a little happier about if Macaulay Culkin was involved in some way.

Home Alone earned over £385 million worldwide and was the highest grossing live action comedy ever until The Hangover Part II’s release in 2011.

Disney’s CEO Bob Iger said there will also be “reimaginations” of Night At the Museum, Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Cheaper By the Dozen.

Disney now owns the franchises after it bought the film studio 20th Century Fox.

The new service Disney+ launches in the US in November and is expected to hit the UK next year.

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