Hilarious Instagram Meme Proves Your LinkedIn Photos Aren’t Fooling Anyone

This one goes out to everyone who graduated from college during the social media era and was instructed to promptly scrub their Facebook pages for any indication of debauchery, lest their potential employer find out they have interests spanning beyond the banality of their entry-level employment: You’re not fooling anyone.

And we have the queen of the 9-to-5 workday, Dolly Parton, to thank for exposing us all.

Ms. Parton dragged us harder than a passive-aggressive email from a boss on a Friday when she posted a now-viral meme depicting four photos: one for LinkedIn, one for Facebook, one for Instagram and one for dating app Tinder. “Get you a woman who can do it all,” her caption reads.

I’d be lying if I said I utilized LinkedIn “the right way,” or really at all ― but one thing is certain, Parton’s collage spoke volumes.

I, of course, saw myself in the collage. You’d never know from my LinkedIn profile showcasing my toothy grin and “blogging” skills that I’d just come back from a bachelorette party, where one was hard-pressed to find me without a cheeseburger in one hand and a bottle of rosé in the other.

And we’re not alone. The meme inspired countless other iterations. Martha Stewart, Andy Cohen, Jennifer Garner and, uh, Doug the Pug followed in Parton’s footsteps — all looking dapper in the LinkedIn box, all looking like bona fide thirst traps in the Tinder box (we’re looking at you, Doug).

The social media phenomenon is a pleasant reminder that we all have multitudes, that we’re all liars, that most of us are faking our true level of professionalism and most importantly, a universal truth: that Dolly sees you.

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