Former Bush, Reagan EPA heads caution on Trump rollbacks

Environmental Protection Agency chiefs from three previous Republican administrations say they’re concerned about Trump administration actions rolling back environmental protections.

EPA heads under former Presidents Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush appeared Tuesday before a House Energy and Commerce oversight subcommittee. Obama-era EPA head Gina McCarthy also spoke.

Christine Todd Whitman, who headed EPA under George W. Bush, says the agency on its current track is “endangering public health.”

Subcommittee Chairwoman Diana DeGette, a Colorado Democrat, says it’s the first time she’s seen a bipartisan group of former EPA heads “sound the alarm” about the agency.

The EPA heads say Trump’s EPA also is sidelining science in easing environmental rules.

Spokesman Michael Abboud says EPA head Andrew Wheeler is working to engage the agency’s science advisers.

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