EPIC FAIL: Toronto Raptors’ Attempt To Troll Warriors Backfires Spectacularly

The Toronto Raptors are in the San Francisco Bay Area to face off against the Golden State Warriors in the NBA finals Wednesday night, but by the looks of a team promo, Raptors players may have a hard time getting there. 

Hours before tipoff, the Raptors’ official Twitter account shared an image of players standing on the Golden Gate Bridge with the caption, “Crossed the bridge. Ready for battle.”

The only problem is that the Golden Gate Bridge, which connects San Francisco with Marin County, will not take the team to the Oracle Arena in Oakland. In fact, it will take them so far out of the way during evening rush hour that they’d risk  being pretty late. Players would have to cross the Bay Bridge to get to Oakland and be “ready for battle.” 

And since one botched promo isn’t enough, a photo shared by Twitter’s official account in Canada included the right bridge, but the “raptors” are shown charging toward San Francisco rather than Oakland.

Twitter users did not hold back, roasting the team for being lost and confused. Others offered some helpful driving instructions. 

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