Eagle-Eyed Fans Discover ‘Friends’ And ‘Hocus Pocus’ Have A Surprising Link

Just call it the one that’ll put a spell on you to reminisce about the ’90s.

It seems that the iconic fountain in the opening credits of “Friends” is the same one featured in the 1993 cult-classic Halloween movie “Hocus Pocus.”

Some sleuthing fans recently noticed the link and posted about it on Twitter this week.

Interestingly, the fountain is not in New York City (where “Friends” was set) or in Salem, Massachusetts (where the events of “Hocus Pocus” took place in the movie).

Paul McGuire, the senior vice president of worldwide corporate communications at Warner Bros., confirmed to House Beautiful that the fountain was featured in both projects and is on the Warner Bros. Ranch in Los Angeles.

And the reason why it may have taken some fans a while to make the connection is due to the magic of lighting, props and editing. The New York City skyline was edited onto the “Friends” intro while autumn accents were added to the “Hocus Pocus” scene.

So there you have it — an interesting tidbit that could help you out on trivia night.

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