Demi & Derek’s ‘Paradise’ Masterclass In Maturity

The hosts of “Here to Make Friends” just want to get some clarity. Claire Fallon and Emma Gray follow all the ups and downs of this week’s episodes of “Bachelor in Paradise,” including the quirkiest courtship and who really earned their paycheck. Plus, they predict which couple is headed for success and whose days in Sayulita are numbered. 

This week’s episodes kicked off with the hollow thud of a piñata hitting the floor. An inexplicable fistfight sends Nicole reeling and two guys packing. Turns out the show is serious about its “no violence” policy. So it’s out with Christian, and in with Kristian. Demi’s girlfriend from home arrives in Paradise, bringing her — and us — the most heartwarming moment of the season. As the couple reunites, Derek handles the difficult situation with all the maturity and compassion of a true Great Guy.

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