Comfy Work-From-Home Clothes That Aren’t Sweats Or PJs

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Getting ready for a workday isn’t easy, especially if your 9-to-5 is all business and no casual.

So when you get the chance to work from home, you’d be forgiven if you keep your sleeping mask on until the last possible second. (Those meetings could have just been emails, anyway.)

Interestingly, studies suggest that we’re more productive when we put effort into how we dress to work from home, rather than rolling from bed to computer in the same pair of yoga pants.

A study in the Journal Of Experimental Social Psychology found that professionals work better when they wear clothes with “symbolic meaning” and that clothes influence not just how others perceive us, but how we might perceive ourselves in them.

That said, for those moments you need to hop on a video chat with your boss or run an errand in the middle of the day, though, your pajamas probably aren’t going to cutting it.

To that end, we found work-from-home outfits that are just as comfy as pajamas ― but way more stylish.

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