Caster Semenya Says ‘Hell No’ She Won’t Take Hormone-Suppressing Drugs To Compete

Olympian Caster Semenya had a two-word response to the Court of Arbitration for Sports ruling she would have to take hormone suppressants to keep competing in events: “Hell no.”

Semenya pushed back against a ruling from the CAS that determined her body produces too much testosterone to compete with women. In its ruling, the CAS admitted testosterone regulation are discriminatory, but necessary to keep “integrity” in women’s running.

As a result, the CAS ruled Semenya would have to take hormone suppressants if she wanted to continue competing in events ranging from 400m to a mile. Semenya has dominated the 800-meter event, winning gold medals at the Olympics in 2012 and 2016. She’s also won the gold in the 800-meter event at the IAAF World Championships three times. Due to the CAS ruling, Semenya would not be able to compete in the 800-meter event anymore unless she took hormone suppressants.

The 28-year-old Semenya is allowed to run longer events, but she has no interest in doing that, according to Pippa Field of The Telegraph.

In its ruling, the CAS admitted there could be difficulties involved in regulating testosterone levels. It also admitted there’s no concrete evidence elevated testosterone levels would provide an advantage to women in the 1500-meter events.

In the wake of the CAS ruling, misinformation has spread about Semenya. A Fox News graphic referred to Semenya as a “transgender runner.” Semenya is not transgender and was born a woman.

Following the CAS ruling, Semenya had seven days before the regulations went into effect. She competed in what could be her final race Friday, winning the event easily.

Semenya can file another appeal to get the CAS ruling overturned, though Semenya told Field she is undecided on whether she wants to do that. If Semenya does not appeal the ruling, it’s possible her international career is over.

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