Carli Lloyd’s Polite ‘Golf Clap’ Burns Celebration Critics At Women’s World Cup

After the Americans were accused by some of over-celebrating during a 13-0 rout of Thailand in their first match last week, Lloyd reacted to her first goal against Chile with a leaping fist pump, but quickly muted her jubilation.

Smiling, she gently tapped her hands together as if she were politely cheering a good putt at a country club. Outlets like The Washington Post picked up on the subtle dig (seen below), calling it a “golf clap.”

Lloyd confirmed the gesture was intentional after the team’s 3-0 victory to clinch a spot in the knockout round.

Lindsey Horan “told told me if we score, that’s what we’re going to do so I just went along with it after I did my little celebration,” Lloyd said, per The Associated Press. “But it was fun. I think it made a statement on the sideline there. It was cool.”

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