Billie Eilish Takes 1984 Music Quiz And Makes Jimmy Kimmel Feel Ancient

The generation gap is real.

When multiple Grammy nominee Billie Eilish, just 17, visited 52-year-old Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday, the host reminded the “Bad Guy” singer just how young she is. In return, the pop star pointed out just how old Kimmel is. (See the video below.)

It made for good-natured fun, especially when Kimmel noted that he was 17 in 1984 and wanted to quiz Eilish on pop culture from that year.

“Who was born after that in this room?” Eilish called out to the audience. Cheers erupted from the young crowd.

“Is that your nice way of reminding me how close I am to death?” Kimmel joked to his guest.

The host then proceeded with the pop culture test. Madonna and Cyndi Lauper, Eilish knew. Van Halen, Run-DMC and Mr. T? Not so much. 

Watch the fun below (fast forward to 3:15 for the 1984 quiz).

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