‘Bachelorette’ Finale: Why The Real Winner Is Hannah

The hosts of “Here To Make Friends” are giving the final rose to you, Hannah Brown. Claire Fallon and Emma Gray relive the superlative award-winning moments from the historic “Bachelorette” ending, from the most romantic moment of the finale to the cameo that changed the course of the season.

This week, Neil Lane took back not one, but two engagement rings. After one tearful breakup and one very self-involved proposal, it’s J&H 4EVR — or at least, until People magazine spotlights Jed’s not-so-not-so-serious former girlfriend (who may not even count as an ex, since he never broke up with her). So despite what he told his friends, Jed didn’t “win” “The Bachelorette.” The real winner is Hannah, who ends her season single, self-assured and unapologetically asking Tyler out for drinks. We’ll toast to that.

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