ASOS bulldog clipped dress causes a fuss online

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ASOS has apologised for leaving two bulldog clips on a dress for sale on their website.

They were clearly visible and being used to hold the dress in place and possibly to create more shape.

A sharp-eyed shopper spotted it, and then social media had lots to say about it.

The clips have since been edited out, but now some are left questioning whether online shops are misleading them in regards to sizing.

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One person on Twitter said: “Ok, but are the clips included with the dress? It’s a bold look.”

Unfortunately they’re not and weren’t meant to be there in the first place.

ASOS responded to the tweet in quick fashion – in just 10 minutes to be precise.

And by the afternoon the clips had been edited and removed from the dress.

But that didn’t do the trick in stopping people talking about it.

Then of course the frustrations spread a little further to more general concerns about the way things are meant to fit and how they actually do fit when they arrive on your doorstep.

Some even going on to reference the ASOS slogan.

ASOS stocks more than 850 brands and ships all over the world but last year it warned profit growth was slowing.

At the start of the month ASOS threatened to block serial returners , saying if it suspected someone of returning lots it might deactivate their account.

But some shoppers now find the threat hypocritical saying the reason why some have to return large amounts of items is due to inaccurate sizing.

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