An Ode To The Women’s National Soccer Team And Their Sunglasses

The nation watched in awe (and thirst) as its unstoppable, equal pay-deserving women’s national soccer team earned the coveted women’s World Cup championship for the fourth time last Sunday, the second time consecutively. There was confetti, there were iconic photos ― it couldn’t have gotten much better.

Until the team came back to the States, and it did.

The contagiously celebratory team has been extremely generous to those of us who can’t get enough of their joy, mostly by way of Instagram stories. The champagne-soaked vignettes offer a peek into their true camaraderie, hilarious antics and off-the-field personalities.

Plus, good sunglasses. So many good sunglasses.

From the set of ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday and then a turn-up at a rooftop pool party to New York’s the ticker tape parade for them on Wednesday, it’s been non-stop sunglass superiority.

Check out some of our favorite looks, complete with Megan Rapinoe’s clear aviators and sunglass chain, and how to score a similar pair below.

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