13 Stunning Pairs Of Hoop Earrings On Etsy Under $50

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I haven’t met a pair of hoops I haven’t liked. As an infant, I wore tiny hoop earrings almost exclusively and even today there’s a 90% chance that when you bump into me I’ll have a pair dangling from my ears. Even when I’ve strayed and decided to rock a new pair of studs or some bold statement earrings, I always come back to hoops — they’re a classic.

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight, thin hoop, an oversized statement hoop, or a tiny huggie hoop, there’s a hoop out there for everyone. Not sure where to start? Etsy is filled with jewelry designers and artisans — many of whom are women and people of color (shopping from them is a great way to appreciate the origins of the hoop trend) — that offer a variety of sizes, metals and styles for every budget.

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