10 Of The Best Airbnbs In Santos, Brazil

The data from Airbnb looks at the percentage of growth in spring travel bookings compared to last year and highlights the stand-out destinations. Airbnb’s No. 1 trending destination for spring travel is Monterrey, Mexico, a city located in the country’s northeast corner that’s known for its culture, food and history. Spring bookings on Airbnb in the city increased 678 percent from last year.

Carolina, Puerto Rico, is the No. 2 destination for spring travel this year, and Santos, Brazil, snagged the No. 3 spot, with bookings increasing more than 432 percent year-over-year. Santos is a coastal city in southern Brazil that’s known for its wide beaches, coffee trade and preserved historic district. There’s even a coffee museum, the Museu do Café, that explores the history of Brazilian coffee and offers barista classes. Talk about a coffee lover’s dream destination.

So you can spend less time planning your next vacay and more time looking forward to it, we’ve rounded up 10 of the best Airbnbs in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil. Take a look below:

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