10 Affordable Statement Earrings That Look Like A Million Bucks

Want to get someone’s attention? Wear a pair of big-ass earrings.

Why? Because it’s impossible not to notice them and, in between them, your face! A stunning pair of earrings frames your mug, drawing people in and ensnaring them in a web of color, sparkle and movement. Recently, I was out with a date who turned to me and gently flicked one of my oblong drops, sending it swaying to and fro. Little did he know I had covertly engineered this moment of subtle physical intimacy with my choice of jewelry.

Pulling off this con doesn’t have to cost you a ton of money. I visited the Holy Land of Affordable Accessories, Etsy, to find these 10 designer earring dupes, representing all the latest jewelry trends: geometric shapes, hoops, pearls and more. Pop a pair in, and then go forth and conquer.

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