Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Chews Up Lindsey Graham At Impeachment Trial

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog invaded Capitol Hill to diss the Republican senators who sit in the chamber “for so many hours without having a spine to support them.” (See the video below.)

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) probably doesn’t think Triumph is such a good dog after the intrepid pup trolled him in the halls. He barked at the senator for flip-flopping his stance on witnesses since the Bill Clinton impeachment ― but not his haircut.

He held up a sign that read “Will lie for rubles” behind Graham as he did an interview. And the pooch zinged him with a reviled musical film adaptation. “Why do you look like every guy that saw the movie ‘Cats’ alone?” Triumph asked.

Bad dog, Triumph. Bad dog!

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