Trevor Noah Makes The Impeachment Scandal ‘Sexier’ To Appeal To Fox News Viewers

In the wake of the nation’s first televised impeachment hearings on Wednesday, late-night comedian Trevor Noah pointed out some of the more blasé responses on President Donald Trump’s favored network.

“Even though millions of people have been talking about these hearings, over on Fox News, their analysis of this impeachment is: ‘Meh,’” Noah said on Thursday’s “The Daily Show.”

Noah described Wednesday’s events as “historic” after two nonpartisan diplomats publicly testified before the House Intelligence Committee to give their accounts of events involving the president’s attempted quid pro quo with Ukraine to solicit an investigation into his political rival Joe Biden.

Noah played some of Fox News’ analysis of the events gripping the nation, which featured several themes, including: The impeachment hearings are boring, nobody cares about Ukraine or can show where it is on a map, people don’t understand Latin (and therefore cannot understand what quid pro quo means), don’t even bother watching the impeachment hearings because they’re “rigged,” and, finally, the investigation is dull, lacks “sex” and is “not a sexy scandal.”

“Here at ‘The Daily Show,’ we want to help Fox viewers get into the impeachment spirit,” Noah said. “So if they can’t pay attention to the scandal unless it’s sexy, well then, you know what? We’ll make it sexy,” he said.

Check out the “sexy” impeachment recap below:

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