This $15 Product Increases Female Sensitivity For Better Orgasms

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The orgasm balm reviewers swear by for female increased sensitivity and better sex. 

Orgasms can make your body do a lot of surprising things, from sneezing and crying to feeling shaky and headache-y. That’s in addition to all of the ways sex makes you happier and healthier, like by releasing stress and improving your mental health.

Unfortunately, reaching the Big O doesn’t come easy for everyone, especially when a partner is added to the mix. According to a 2015 Cosmopolitan survey of women ages 18 to 40, only 57 percent of women have an orgasm most or every time they have sex with a partner.

When you’re close to climax but can’t, it’s not quite as hopeless as it seems. In fact, there are plenty of sex accessories designed to increase stimulation — and thus your chances of getting off.

One item in particular has become a smash among women in search of bigger and better orgasms.

Lovehoney’s Bliss Orgasm Balm is a fast-acting orgasm booster that works by increasing female sensitivity using menthol and peppermint oil. It increases blood flow to the clitoris for increased sensation down there, while a gentle tingling feeling takes over to increase the intensity of climax.

Reviewers swear by this orgasm balm for better sex.

Reviewers swear by this orgasm balm for better sex.

According to the brand, the menthol-infused balm “creates a thrilling throb for a truly explosive finish.” The menthol and peppermint oils work together to stimulate nerve endings and increase blood flow to the clit to increase size and sensitivity.

To use, just apply a small dab to the clitoris before hitting the sheets “for a delicious tingle.”

This not-so-secret orgasm balm has a 4-star rating on Lovehoney, with more than 330 reviews raving about its toe-curling tingle and easy application.

Many reviewers note the balm’s cute heart-shape tin, which makes it easy to distinguish from lip balms and other bedroom essentials during a passionate fumble through the nightstand drawer. And, its practical 20 gram size makes it perfect for travel, too.

It’s also made with ingredients you know and can pronounce, like argan and olive oils, jojoba wax, shea butter, Vitamin E, and menthol and peppermint oils. For only $15, consider this our Valentine’s Day gift to you.

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