The bar helping homeless people register to vote

Staff at a bar in Bristol are helping the city’s homeless to register to vote ahead of the general election.

Bristol Beer Factory is offering its address for rough sleepers and people with no permanent address to use, and helping them to fill out the necessary forms.

According to the Electoral Commission, people with no fixed address can register an address where they spend “a lot” of time or have some connection.

Pub manager Domhnaill Barnes said there had been strong interest on social media, with organisations in other parts of the country keen to set up similar services.

Bristol City Council, said the bar is part of the Arnolfini building and the company is offering the Arnolfini address to those with no fixed abode.

“The actions of Arnolfini are completely legal and the council approves of these actions.”

The deadline to register is midnight on Tuesday 26 November.

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