Texas A&M Hurdler Goes ‘Full Superman’ To Leap Face-First To Victory

Infinite Tucker of Texas A&M can’t leap tall buildings in a single bound, but he is a viral hero after his outstretched leap to victory in the 400-meter hurdles at the Southeastern Conference championships on Saturday.

The SEC Network wrote on Twitter that “he went full Superman!” and the reference understandably stuck. 

Tucker, who appeared to have a slight lead on teammate Robert Grant when he took off, said he wasn’t thinking about the Man of Steel. He was thinking about his mother.

“I closed my eyes over hurdle 10. I opened it, saw my ma at the finish, and I jumped to give her a hug,” the hurdler told ESPN, per outlets. “That’s all it is.”

Twitter leaped into action. Up, up and away, Infinite!

Former Olympic 100-meter hurdler Lolo Jones was among those commenting: 

Some saw the dive as a super no-no.

But Tucker’s move zipped through the internet faster than a speeding bullet.

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