Terrence Howard Announces He’s ‘Done With Acting’ After ‘Empire’ Ends

When “Empire” ends its Jussie Smollett-less final season, Terrence Howard says he’s hanging up his hat (seriously, has anyone worn a fedora in public more often him?) and retiring from acting. 

The actor made the announcement revealed his intentions during an interview with Extra released on Wednesday, explaining his post-acting plans involve “bringing the truth to the world.” 

When asked what he thinks “will happen with your career” after the hit Fox TV drama comes to a close next year, Howard revealed that playing hip-hop kingpin Lucious Lyon will likely be his final role. 

“Oh, I’m done with acting. I’m done pretending,” he said matter of factly. 

After Howard was asked if he intends to focus on “philanthropy and other interests,” the actor insisted he had other ideas in mind, which surprisingly do not include launching his own line of baby wipes

“No, not philanthropy,” he said. “I’m just focusing on bringing truth to the world.”

While the Oscar nominee didn’t expand on what exactly said truth looks like, he did say that he’ll miss his “Empire” colleagues when the show wraps up after six seasons. 

“I love the cast members,” he said. “I will miss them a great deal, and the crew.”

Months after Smollett, who plays Howard’s son Jamal on the series, was accused of staging a homophobic and racist attack on himself in January, the network announced that the series would take its final bow. 

“As the series enters its final season, one thing is for sure, the Lyons never go out without a bang,” Fox said in a press release at the time, referring to the fictional family. He added that the last chapter will include “jaw-dropping moments” and “shocking surprises.”

Despite Howard and other cast members, including co-star Taraji P. Henson, signing a letter of support asking for Smollett to return, series creator Lee Daniels announced a few months back that there were “no plans” for the embattled actor to return. 

The final season of “Empire” premieres Sep. 24. 

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