Stephen Colbert Spits Water On Jon Stewart And That’s Not Even The Weird Part

Colbert, in a fit of faux shock that Steve Carell was cast in Stewart’s new political comedy “Irresistible” and not him, spit water in Stewart’s face.

Undaunted, Stewart introduced a trailer for the upcoming film, which he wrote and directed, in a bit with old pal Colbert that might have even been better than the preview. He began reciting the plotline to “Home Alone” and segued into a clip from “Cats” ― “something from my private porn collection,” Stewart said.

The whole segment, which may have been pretaped nearly a week earlier, was free of real-life politics. But thankfully, it was not humor-free.

As Colbert caressed Stewart’s face to see if he was really there, Stewart cracked: “I’m not a ghost, Stephen. I’m an older man with paper-thin skin.”

Watch the interview and the trailer for “Irresistible” above.

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