San Diego Padres Game Delayed After Bees Swarm Near The Dugout

A swarm of bees took over a Fox Sports microphone near the San Diego Padres dugout, sending Sunday’s game against the Miami Marlins into a 28-minute “bee” delay. 

The players vacated the field and fans behind home plate left the stands as an exterminator in a beekeeping suit climbed a ladder to spray the swarm, the Associated Press reported, before using a vacuum to collect the dead bees. 

The Padres have had their problems with bees before. In a 2017 pre-season game, bees swarmed home plate during a Padres game against the Colorado Rockies at Arizona’s Peoria Sports Complex, sending players ducking for cover.  

Last month, a similar situation happened during a Cincinnati Reds game at Great American Ball Park against the San Francisco Giants. A swarm of bees around home plate caused a delay in the game that lasted nearly 20 minutes. 

Two beekeepers happened to be in the stadium sitting in the owner’s seats, according to local ABC News broadcast station WLWT, and were able to contain the situation. 

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