Robert Redford Torches ‘Dictator-Like’ Donald Trump In Searing Op-Ed

Movie legend Robert Redford stated it is “time for Trump to go” in a searing new op-ed for NBC News, in which he also likened President Donald Trump’s administration to a “monarchy in disguise.”

The 83-year-old actor and Academy Award-winning director said Americans were “up against a crisis I never thought I’d see in my lifetime” in the piece — titled “President Trump’s dictator-like administration is attacking the values America holds dear” — that was published online Tuesday.

Redford said Trump (who twisted his words and falsely claimed Redford had endorsed him during the 2016 campaign) had not been his choice for president but had “thought it only fair” to give him a chance on entering the White House.

“But almost instantly he began to disappoint me and then alarm me,” he wrote. “I don’t think I’m alone.”

Redford also lamented the current state of U.S. politics, which he described as “so deeply disturbing” that “we are now defined as the Divided States of America” with leaders on both sides of the aisle, he claimed, lacking “the fundamental courage” to work together for the good of the country.

“We’re at a point in time where I reluctantly believe that we have much to lose — it is a critical and unforgiving moment,” Redford warned. “This monarchy in disguise has been so exhausting and chaotic, it’s not in the least bit surprising so many citizens are disillusioned.”

“Let’s rededicate ourselves to voting for truth, character and integrity in our representatives (no matter which side we’re on),” Redford concluded the editorial. “Let’s go back to being the leader the world so desperately needs. Let’s return, quickly, to being simply … Americans.”

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