Reese Witherspoon Reveals Why She Refused A Return To ‘Friends’

Actor Reese Witherspoon turned down a return to “Friends” because of her fear of performing in front of a live studio audience.

“Did you know they asked me back and I said ‘no, I can’t do it.’ I was too scared,” she said in an interview with the Associated Press this week.

“I got scared. I got scared,” she added. “Yeah, they asked me to come back and I was like ‘I’m too nervous.’”

Reese Witherspoon, right, had a cameo as Jennifer Aniston’s on-screen sister Jill Green in two episodes of “Friends” which both aired in 2000.

She explained her reason for never reprising the popular role to Aniston during the promotion of their new Apple TV Plus dramedy “The Morning Show.”

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