On Politics With Lisa Lerer: Biden’s Old-Fashioned Campaign

We also asked On Politics readers to send in their summer predictions. Here’s what they said:

I think there is at least some chance that Democrats begin to coalesce behind Biden and possibly a Biden/Harris ticket as the best possible way to beat Trump. After much talk about “energizing the base,” reality will emerge and people will remember that America is still about the center. — Tony Miller, Tokyo, Japan

In the first debate Harris, Warren and Buttigieg shine, but Buttigieg can’t build on his success. His lack of detailed positions hurts him significantly in the second debate, marking the beginning of the end for him. By the end of the summer it’s starting to feel like a three person race: Biden, Harris and Warren. — Mike Burke, Maryland

This summer, I think that either Mayor Pete or Beto will be out of the race. They appeal to too similar demographics to both succeed perpetually, so one of them has to fall. I’m putting my money on Beto dropping, or at least dropping from a top-tier candidate by late summer. Pete attracts the same working-class moderate voters that Beto’s trying to get, while also appealing to the LGBTQ+ community. — Ben Altizer, Michigan

Uncle Joe will say something during the debate in response to one of the senators (Harris, Sanders, Warren) that will prove to be really damaging, making him seem less than the unifier that he is. — Eduardo Duarte, Maine

I really think that the poll numbers for Joe Biden are very inflated and will continue to fall all summer as lesser-known candidates become better known after the debates. I see the female candidates rising throughout the summer and fully expect Senator Kamala Harris to kill it in the debates and gain some traction. I think their rise will also hurt Bernie Sanders and pull him a little more back into the pack. No matter what happens I’ve got my popcorn ready! — Melanie Vonovick, California

Responses have been edited for length and clarity.


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