On Politics: Trump to Hit Mexico With Tariffs

While the Democratic leadership agonizes over what to do, black voters want Mr. Trump impeached, and their ardor on the subject is driving their representatives.

Four years ago, 46-year-old Beau Biden died of brain cancer, a loss the nation witnessed as his father, Joe Biden was serving as vice president. Mr. Biden now frequently talks about his son on the campaign trail, often as he discusses health care and insurance access.

Thomas B. Hofeller was known as the Michelangelo of gerrymandering. His daughter recently discovered a study on his hard drive showing that adding a citizenship question to the census — as the Trump administration has done — would allow Republicans to draft even more extreme gerrymandered maps to stymie Democrats.

The Supreme Court rejected a request for a stay of execution from an Alabama inmate who said the state’s method of execution could subject him to excruciating pain. The inmate, Christopher Lee Price, was executed Thursday night.

Mr. Trump said he knew nothing about White House efforts to hide a Navy destroyer bearing John McCain’s name. But he said whoever made the request was “well meaning,” given that Mr. Trump did not like Mr. McCain, escalating the president’s continued fight with the dead senator .

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