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President Trump relies on populist language to appeal to the white working class. But a look at his legislative record shows that he has accomplished little for them, instead favoring corporate interests.

At the Teen Student Action Summit 2019, Mr. Trump repackaged his campaign-rally red meat into child-size portions, calling a Muslim congresswoman a “crazed lunatic,” falsely claiming that undocumented immigrants can vote, and accusing the election system in states like California of being rigged.

More than three million people would lose their food stamps under a new rule proposed Tuesday by the Agriculture Department to change the program’s eligibility requirements. Critics say the rule will punish the working poor.

Boris Johnson, the brash standard-bearer for a British exit from the European Union, won the contest to become the next prime minister on Tuesday. Here’s what that could mean for Brexit, and a look at his relationship with Mr. Trump.


Today’s On Politics briefing was compiled by Isabella Grullón Paz in New York.

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