Leslie Jones Tells Seth Meyers About Her Hilarious First Impression Of Him

Leslie Jones was very pleased with the eye candy when she first joined “Saturday Night Live.”

On Thursday, Jones stopped by “Late Night with Seth Meyers,” and was pretty forthright about sharing her first impression of “SNL’s” Colin Jost and Meyers, who was still working on the show when Jones joined as a writer in 2014.

Jones said that when she met Jost — who she famously flirted with during “Weekend Update” segments throughout her time on the show — she thought, “This is like, perfect white-man machine.”

And her reaction to meeting Meyers was similar.

“When I met Seth, I was like, ‘Wooooow, he’s like the next president,’” she said on “Late Night.” “‘He’s so beautiful.’ I was like, ‘These white men around here are so beautiful!’”

But Jones wasn’t just smitten with Meyers’ “steel-blue eyes.” She was also blown away by his supportive nature.

“Seth was the first person that was telling [creator] Lorne [Michaels], ‘Yo, she funny. She funny like, if you’re not going to have her, I’ll take her. She’s mine. She’s not leaving this building.’”

The two went on to do some very funny stuff together, including an ongoing segment on Meyers’ talk show called “Game of Jones” where they would watch episodes of “Game of Thrones” together.

And despite a story Jones told Howard Stern this week — in which she said she initially didn’t want to get a job on “SNL” — she told Meyers on Thursday that after she auditioned, she quickly changed her mind.

“They made me want it,” Jones admitted, noting that she had spent a week after her audition watching the crew, writers and band members do their jobs.

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