Kelly Clarkson Covers ‘A Little Bit Alexis’ With Annie Murphy Of ‘Schitt’s Creek’

“Schitt’s Creek” scene-stealer Annie Murphy dropped by “The Kelly Clarkson Show” this week and, along with the Grammy-winning host, gave a hilarious performance of “A Little Bit Alexis.”

Murphy’s character, Alexis Rose, sang the ridiculous, Paris Hilton-inspired song in an episode of the Canadian comedy (see video below). According to Alexis, the song was the theme from the “critically reviewed, limited reality series” of the same name that she once starred in.

In the clip from Clarkson’s show, a totally straight-faced Murphy takes her mark, says she needs to “get her arms,” spins in a circle, busts out with her character’s signature soft-wristed T. Rex hand gesture, and launches into the song and its unforgettable choreography. After Murphy performs a verse, Clarkson joins her in the spotlight.

The Fort Worth native decides to give the song a Texas twist. Clarkson sings, “I’m a classic Bronco” instead of Alexis’ “I’m a Lamborghini” lyric. The “Voice” coach continues on theme with lines like “I’m on Texas time” and “I’m a whole lotta tipsy when I drink fine wine.”

On Thursday, Murphy posted about the duet on Twitter.

“Oh my god, David! YOU try performing A Little Bit Alexis with @kellyclarkson in front of the stars of 1917 who are VERY confused about what’s going on,” Murphy wrote, channeling Alexis exclaiming to brother David.

The performance must have been a real treat for Clarkson, a “Schitt’s Creek” superfan who gushed over the show and gave a shoutout to Eugene Levy (dad Johnny Rose) while announcing the nominees for Best Actor in a Comedy Series at the Critics’ Choice Awards earlier this month.

“Everything else is great too,” Clarkson added of the other nominees and their shows. “I just got a lot of kids and I don’t get to watch a lot of television.”

Well, we suppose when it comes to Clarkson and her taste in television, the Rose family is her Mariah Carey.

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